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    GU1 2PP
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    Some College
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    Self Employed
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An avid photographer, pianist, artist and star gazer. I have a good attitude to cooking and can mix a mean cocktail. Country walks followed by a pub meal are a fun way to spend time. I lead a busy lifestyle with lots of extra clubs and activities, but I'd love someone with which to share my time and get close to.

I really enjoy travelling and seeing different parts of the world. This means early mornings and 'carpe diem-ing' it when the mood takes me, especially if it's to the coast or an 'off the cuff' holiday :)

Always willing to try something once - I'm a 'yes person'! So if there's a barmy or brilliant hobby you have, it won't put me off. I enjoy togetherness watching a romantic movie or comedy but also value independence, I think this is important. Did I mention I like the occasional horror film too? Read on if you dare....

Do get in touch - it's always wonderful to hear from people who grow into friends and who knows?! It's always been said by those who know me I'd do anything for anyone....I certainly try!

What I am looking for

Someone who's fun and exciting but also has some independence and aspirations. Someone, really, to grow old with and create a lifelong bond, and hopefully, a family.