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    5 ft. 8 in.
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  • Education:
    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Here are some things that I love… if they resonate with you and make you smile a little, let’s talk!

A banana mango smoothie, the Huffington Post, vanilla caramel shakes, sunsets in the tropics, watching snow fall in front of the fire, Lake Tahoe….Dylan, Celtic Thunder, Leonard Cohen, Eva Cassidy, Aspenglow…..rafting the Colorado River, flying over the Sierras, driving from Minden to Mammoth with the top down, Pina Coladas anchored at Salt Whistle Bay, New England in the fall, the Sea of Cortez, the Savoy, the fragrance of Hawaii as you disembark the plane, Dingle Bay, the green flash, good manners….the grandeur of Alaska, a soft first kiss, making out, Time, Meet the Press, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, The Capitol Steps, connection, chemistry, magic, filling the hole where my arms go round and not wanting to pull away….hiking to the Maroon Bells, Venice, Christmas in New York, rum and egg nog at Thanksgiving, cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., Prague Castle, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Dali, Bergamot Station, Geoffrey’s, the Los Angeles Observatory, the ocean view from the Getty Villas, the swans at the Bel Air Hotel, Disneyland, Sausalito, the Saint Francis Yacht Club, the Americas Cup, my daughter, forthrightness, zest, exuberance in all endeavors, writing, much laughter, great conversation, Bill Maher, playful banter, philanthropy, cycling along the coast, PHOTOGRAPHY, the stock market, UCLA, theater, book stores, candle lit dinners….Patterson, Ivanovich, Clancy, “Manning Up In Alaska,” Grisham, kissing in an elevator, holding hands, making love in the early morning…..kayaking, deep sea fishing, working with wood, outdoor summer concerts, 4th of July Fireworks, the symphony, physical fitness, adventure, affection, integrity, a quick wit….

Let’s take a chance and see if there is connection, communication, a longing to see each other again…. A desire to share ourselves, our vulnerabilities, to feel safe with one another…. To create our partnership, be co-conspirators… live our life a little on the adventurous edge, but in tune with each other, unabashedly pursuing our passion….. Share a physical chemistry that is lustful and playful and spontaneous…a meeting of the minds where we learn from one another, introduce each other to new adventures, make each other better people, challenge each other intellectually, crack each other up.

What I am looking for

I’m seeking someone yummy, who has a passion for life and approaches it with zeal, finds politics fascinating, has good friends, has unending curiosity, is literate and educated and worldly, is honest and genuine, believes baggage is for traveling, is open to intimacy on all levels, and who desires a relationship that is joyful and fulfilling.